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John Kotter's Accelerate

In "Accelerate," Kotter proposes a framework for understanding and managing change that is based on his 8-step process for leading change. 

The steps are:

* Establishing a sense of urgency

* Creating a guiding coalition

* Developing a vision and strategy

* Communicating the change vision

* Empowering others to act on the vision

* Creating short-term wins

* Consolidating gains and producing more change

* Anchoring new approaches in the company's culture

Kotter's framework is designed to help organizations navigate the complex process of change and emerge more successful and resilient on the other side. It is a comprehensive approach that focuses on aligning people and resources, building momentum, and creating a culture that supports ongoing change and growth.

John Kotter is a professor at Harvard Business School and a renowned expert on leadership and change management. His book "Accelerate" is based on a study of more than 150 organizations and is designed to help leaders successfully navigate and drive change within their organizations. 



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